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Anna’s brother-in-law Jake went to UCLA with Danielle’s husband Jamie (All Because HeAsked Wedding Videography). A few years ago, we all shot his wedding to Brooke.Their wedding was a blast, so we were excited when Brooke recommended us to her sister Anna. Anna and Michael are incredibly kind people and very comfortable in front of the camera!  

Anna and Michael were married outside of Sacramento in Carmichael, CA at their beautiful family home on Susan Way.

Anna and Michael did a first look with one another, then prior to the ceremony did a “Sip & See”, a first look with friends. The girls all gathered in a room, then Brooke revealed herself to them all done up in her bridal gown. Next, they sipped champagne and ate Anna’s favorite family appetizer—sliced cucumbers on crackers.  This was a great way to make all her girlfriends feel special even if they weren’t in the wedding party. We loved this idea!  The groom also did his version of a Sip & See hanging out pe-ceremony with all his friends.

The wedding ceremony was in the backyard and absolutely perfect with lots of greenery and flowers. Our favorite part of the ceremony was the ring exchange. When it was time for the rings the bride and groom turned to the best man to hand over the rings but he didn’t have them. Before the moment turned to panic the bride and groom turned in surprise to see their little dog headed toward them with a tiffany blue jewelry bag attached to her collar. They were so excited, especially since they had discussed having their dog be part or the wedding somehow but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. The dog is their first baby and they love her a ton!

After taking lots of portraits, it was time to get the party started. Many couple make their grand entrance at the reception and the cocktail hour is then just for the guests. But Anna and Michael made their entrance during cocktail hour, pulling up in a convertible. This was a great way to take advantage of the whole party!

After the traditional toasts, and first dances everyone hit the dance floor. Anna changed into her party dress and we couldn’t steel her away from the dance floor even if we wanted to!

Congratulations Anna & Michael!!!

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